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Plymouth Stop of the America’s Cup World Series a success

September 13, 2011

Plymouth, England is the second stop in the inaugural America’s Cup World Series (AC World Series). The event will be held September 10-18, 2011, and will feature both fleet and match racing.


World-renowned for its rich seafaring history, Plymouth has seen countless ships set sail on great voyages of discovery and to settle new worlds. It was from this city on the south west coast of England that the Pilgrim Fathers left to establish a new colony in North America in 1620.

Located at the centre of Devon and Cornwall, the UK’s most popular tourist destination outside of London, the city’s spectacular waterfront location makes it one of the major sailing centres and the perfect venue for showcasing world-class maritime and sporting events. Home to the largest number of maritime and marine businesses in the region, Plymouth also offers outstanding sight-seeing, shopping and cultural opportunities.

Visit the Plymouth Council’s AC World Series page here.

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